StarCast from EnduroShield

What is StarCast?


StarCast is a unique, industrial grade water replant glass coating from EnduroShield that is professionally applied to all applicable Aston frameless shower doors, enclosures and tub doors. StarCast uses a special proprietary formula to offer easy maintenance and a hygienic environment that protects your shower glass for up to ten (10) years. It never has to be reapplied.

Cuts cleaning time and keeps glass cleaner between cleans
Superior protection against staining & etching
Protects against water & oil-based stain
Revitalizer products not required
Suitable for new & existing glass
UV Stable & Eco friendly – no need for harsh chemicals

There is no need for rough, gritty, abrasive chemical or alkaline cleaners!



Routine maintenance of your Aston frameless shower with StarCast from Enduroshield coating is easy and almost carefree. Using a microfiber cloth and gentle cleanser, once a week, is all you need to maintain the beauty of your naturally repellent shower glass surface. To ensure beautiful results every time, rinse with clean water immediately afterward and use a good quality squeegee to finish the task. There are no specific after-care products to purchase to maintain the coating's effectiveness, saving you time and providing peace of mind.



Provided the glass is maintained according to recommended after-care instructions and without the use of abrasive chemical cleaning methods or highly alkaline products, Aston will warrants shower models that feature StarCast will work for up to ten (10) years from the date of factory application. Please make sure you register your StarCast from Enduroshield glass (through EnduroShield) in addition to your new Aston shower fixture before initial usage.

Register your StarCast from EnduroShield glass seperately at this location.